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WP 6 Interaction with stakeholders; Data products and dissemination; Dissemination, education

WP 6 Stakeholder Balken

Working package 6 (WP6) will deal with all aspects of dissemination, stakeholder interaction, educational materials and data handling within SHEBA.

Our project has a very wide spectrum of participants from a number of different disciplines. Because it is closely related to policy, society, and industry, the interaction with relevant stakeholders from these groups is of high importance. The project will involve stakeholders in the projects advisory board as well as in a dedicated stakeholder group, which accompanies the project and will be consulted during a series of stakeholder meetings. WP6 will take care of all interactions between stakeholders and SHEBA.

As second topic of WP6 is the data handling within the projects as well as with the outside world. A large amount of information gathered within SHEBA will be in the form of data. Defined data products (e.g. shipping activity statistics, pollution maps, impact maps) which are designed to be of use for stakeholders and decision makers in the field of the shipping sector and environmental politics, will be made accessible via a interactive data portal.

The project will organize a number of activities in order to make the public aware of the impact of shipping on the marine environment and the developments and activities taken to achieve good environmental status of the Baltic Sea. The projects activities will address young scientist, students, schools and the general public on different levels. WP6 will develop the respective concepts and the educational material for this task.